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You know that thing about writing things down so you don’t forget them? I started seeing the light, and doing it on my DeepNote page, where I recently (summer of 2021) became an ambassador!! :tada:

Check out some of the data writings here. Hope it helps you in your data journey :smile:

Other projects I’ve created include:

  • Forbes Highest Earning Athletes w/ Streamlit: Streamlit is the superstar here for data app hosting to showcase some data storytelling and visualizations.
  • The Library is Open: A book recommendation system based on NYT bestsellers. It also searches the Google API to find more books if the title you entered was not in the bestseller lists! Made with Python using NLP and API packages and covers data cleaning, wrangling, feature extraction, and more :tada:
  • Logistics R Bus: A bus scheduling system for my hometown Moshi, Tanzania made with Python and SQL (PostgreSQL). This project is mostly about my beloved SQL, leveraging a Python custom wrapper with OOP and data accessor object applications I created along with the database to help schedulers, drivers, and bus owners better schedule their trips and routes. It also includes documentation with end to end database design and implementation.