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Consider Answering Stack Overflow Questions Frequently

A good samaritan told me the best way to grow is by helping others. Duh right? But answering questions on stack overflow does three things:

  • Helps answer other people’s questions
  • Gives you practice your coding and a variety of problems
  • Shows your work!

So here we go!

  1. Webscrapping with Python
    This question was about using the right library to scrape a website. Dynamic websites will need selenium. Otherwise you may use beautifulSoup. Sometimes, if all you are trying to get is a table, pandas has commands for this too!

  2. Java loops
    A simple rope-a-dope error that can be fixed by changing variable scope to calculate a sum of input values in a for loop.

  3. Excel files in Python
    It was a Sunday, and I was feeling lazy in challenging the depths of my intellectual horizons, so I knew that we could help this person find a way to select specific cells, rows, and columns from their excel data file using Python pandas dataframe functions.

  4. A lot, a lot
    This day was a daze in that I couldn’t decide what to practice or learn, so we ended up answering more than one question to spread the wealth around. If you really want to see the questions and answers, go to my answers and remember, the 21st night of September :trumpet: :saxophone: :musical_score:

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.